The expandable water pipes are one of the most commonly used irrigation tools in gardening and agricultural environments. But, do you know how to call the expandable hose in different countries?


In Germany, people call Flexibler Gartenschlauch or flexibele tuinslang or schlauchset elastic.

In Russia, people call РАСТЯГИВАЮЩИЙСЯ ШЛАНГ or Шланг растягивающийся садовый.

In Denmark, people call FLEXSLANGE.

In Poland, people call wąż ogrodowy.

In Slodek, people call Premium Záhradná hadica.

In Hungary, people call Bővíthető Tömlő.

In Czech Republic, people call hadice Rozšiřitelná zavlažování.

In Croatia, people call produžno crijevo.

In Romania, people call extensibil furtun de gardina or extensibil pentru gradina or extensibil Magic Hose

In Japan, people callのび~るホース orホース or伸びるホース.

In Korea, people call매직호스 or릴호스 or물호스.