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Hung Ta are professional hosepipe manufacturers in Taiwan, we devote to researching expandable water hoses series for many years. In order to solve the problems of traditional water pipes that are easy to knot and difficult to store, we have developed a telescopic water pipe that is lighter, easier to store, and not easy to knot. We Obtained patents in many countries around the world. Hung Ta hope that consumers will have easy-to-use expandable water hoses and bring more fun for people. When you tidy up the garden, children also be willing to work with adult to clean up the garden.

Hung Ta's expandable water hoses under the US invention Patent (no. US9,074,711 B2 & US9,453,601 B2) have cloth sleeves and inner pipes to extend at the same time, and uses double extension design.  We use high-strength polyester fiber material, through high-density knitting technology, more durable and durable than the products on the market. If you want to know more information about quality expandable water hoses, you can contact hosepipe manufacturers - Hung Ta or keep browsing!