Flat Garden Hose - (No.3502250)
Function and characteristics :

Light weight

Newly developed special materials

Kink Free.  Provides an uninterrupted flow water.

Even if knotted, the water can flow normally

Lead Free Safe drinking water.

Durable Design: Resist leaks, abrasion, puncture.

Self-repairing - When water pipes are leaking can self-repairing it. 

    Just cut off the leaking part and repair it yourself.  You can reuse it without discarding it. Reduce waste and environmental protection 

 Improved complex inner tube prevents kinking.

 High temperature/Anti-UV/Cold resistance

Heat resistant up to 80

Cold resistant -60

 Flat design makes it easy to roll up and store after use

HUNG TA GARDEN HOSE has accumulated rich experience in supplying diverse kinds of plastic water hoses for garden watering & lawn care. If you are looking for high-quality and long-lasting flat water hoses for your garden, HUNG TA can provide you with the most selected items. Contact us for more!

  • Coupling:  Plastic
  • European standard connector
  • Length: 25FT , 50 FT available